Q: How did the Star of David originate, and does it hold any significance to our cultural history and God's plan?

A: Let me begin by pointing out that the English word “star” is not the correct translation of the Hebrew. The Hebrew word is Magen David which means “the shield of David,” not “the star of David.” It is called the shield of David because Jewish tradition holds that David wore this particular insignia on his shield. There is no biblical or historical validity to that legend however. The earliest known usage of the Star of David is in a second century synagogue in Capernaum, but, even then, it was one of many symbols there and not particularly unique. In fact, it became a common Jewish symbol for Jewish identity and nationality only in the Middle Ages and not before. People have come up with various interpretations as to the Star of David, such as two pyramids or triangles to symbolize the Trinity of God or the trinity of man (body, soul and spirit). But these are all theories superimposed upon the symbol and have nothing to do with its actual origin. Therefore, I would not make anything more of it than to say that it became a common symbol of Jewish nationality in the Middle Ages and continues to be so to this day. I would not try to compare it with any symbols, satanic or otherwise, or try to assign it spiritual meanings with which it did not originate.