Q: In your book The Footsteps of the Messiah you mention Russia attacking Israel. How would the U.S. allow any country attack Israel? Are we going to change our view towards Israel? Finally, do you anticipate the rapture to be in our life?

A: While names of countries change, what does not change is the actual geography these names are applied to. Magog was located between the Black and Caspian Seas and therefore the invasion must ultimately be led from that territory, regardless of what that territory may be named at that time. Whether it be Russia, the Soviet Union, the Commonwealth of Independent States, or whatever, what the actual name will be at the time of the invasion is less important than the actual territory. At the present time it is still inside of Russia. Because it is right on the line of the Islamic part of Russia, it might easily break off and become independent. If so, then that would be the source of the invasion. The big issue is that the actual territory has to be the territory between the Black and Caspian Seas, regardless of what the name of the country may be or its religious persuasion at the time of the invasion.

As to how the U.S. would tolerate an invasion of Israel, we must be careful not to try to interpret these prophecies with the way things are now. Rather, we will have to wait and see what things will be like then. It is obvious the invasion is aimed towards Israel. It is also obvious that while other countries might protest the invasion, there is no interference with the invasion. Yes, at the present time the U.S. would not tolerate an invasion of Israel. But we cannot know what will happen say ten years from now when things will be quite different and we have a different president. One major reason why the U.S. has been supportive of Israel is because of the strong evangelical influence in this country, which will cease to exist the moment after the Rapture. We do not know which comes first: the rapture or the invasion.

As to whether the Rapture will come in our lifetime, I firmly believe it could. At the same time I firmly believe we could all die of old age before it happens. I choose not to guess God's timetable on this matter.