Q: In Luke 17:37, Yeshua doesn't seem to answer the disciples' question about one being left and the other being taken. Can you explain His response?

A: The disciples are not actually asking where the one will be taken but, rather, where the Second Coming of Christ will take place. Just as He does in Matthew 24:28, Messiah does not name the place of the Second Coming but merely gives a clue: Where the body is, there also will the vultures be gathered. The reference to birds of prey is an Old Testament motif and, when used symbolically, it refers to Gentile armies. The “body” here refers to Israel. In other words, where the body of Israel is located, there the Gentile armies will gather; and where the Gentile armies will gather, that is where the Second Coming of Christ will occur. Yeshua answers the question in this way because He presupposes Old Testament knowledge based upon passages like Isaiah 34:1-7 and 63:1-6. His answer, then, is the city of Bozrah, better known today by its Greek name — Petra. Furthermore, His response is consistent with what He said a few verses earlier concerning the day that the Son of Man is revealed (Luke 17:30).