Q: With the constant fighting and turmoil in the Middle East, I am confused as to how I am to pray. How am I to deal with the frustration of this situation that seems to never change?

A: I can certainly understand your frustrations about praying for the situation in the Middle East, only to have the conflict flare up time and time again. Actually, that is to be expected, as Bible prophecy tells us that there will be continuous conflict in the Middle East until the Messiah returns.

I think people sometimes misunderstand the commandment to pray for the peace of Jerusalem as being primarily along the lines of political peace. I think a proper interpretation of that passage (Psalm 122:6) would teach as follows: First, final peace comes only with the Second Coming; second, the prerequisite to the Second Coming is Israel's national salvation; and, therefore, third, the proper way of praying for the peace of Jerusalem is to pray for the salvation of the Jewish people. I think if you pray more concerning the salvation of Jewish people, you will see that prayer answered rather frequently and you will experience much less frustration.