Q: Are most Messianic Jews dispensational in their theology? Do many embrace Covenant Theology?

A: For a time, the majority of Messianic Jews were dispensational, but that is no longer true. The sad fact is that the vast majority of Messianic Jews today are not well taught in Scripture and are part of fellowships that tend to be more experience oriented rather than oriented to Bible exposition. Generally, when the Bible is not expounded upon, there is less dispensational teaching.

This is not to say that Messianic Jews are mostly Covenant Theology, because Covenant Theology by its very nature is Replacement Theology, and probably ninety-nine percent of all Messianic Jews reject Covenant Theology out of hand.

While Messianic Jews are not for the most part dispensational anymore in the broadest sense, they are more dispensational than anything else in that they certainly believe about God's future for Israel, etc., and so they adopt in whole what Dispensationalism teaches about the future of Israel. Where the non-dispensational aspects come in have to do with two things. First of all, they believe they are still under the Law (with major adjustments) and therefore, reject the dispensational teaching that the Law has come to an end when Messiah died. Second, they tend to reject Pretribulationalism (which is a tenet of Dispensationalism) mostly because they do not understand what it teaches more than anything else.

In summary, Messianic Jewish believers generally do not embrace Covenant Theology and are more dispensational than anything else, but they are not consistent Dispensationalists as we think of the term. However, there is one Messianic group that definitely is committed to Dispensationalism, and that is the Association of Messianic Congregations (AMC), which holds solidly to dispensational teachings and principles. Here at Ariel Ministries we are committed to Dispensationalism and we propagate that in our Camp Shoshanah summer school program and our branches and literature, etc.