Q: I am working on a home study of the Come and See series. MBS006 refers to the Law of Messiah as the replacement for the Law of Moses. I now have a list of the 613 Commandants but I am finding it more difficult to find a developed and systematic version for the Law of Messiah. Can you suggest a source? What am I missing?

A: The Law of Messiah is far more difficult to systematize in that it deals not only with actions and behavior, but with the intent of the heart and attitudes. Consider the Law of Messiah to be every propositional directive contained within the New Testament. In other words, the Law of Messiah is quite simply defined as divinely revealed apostolic teaching. That is the only source you need. There is a great deal of overlap between the Laws of Moses and Messiah, but they diverge in many places. We would expect such a large amount of overlap, particularly in those areas that reflect the righteous conduct required by a righteous God of His people.

An excellent exercise to assist you in your own personal faith building, is to go through each book of the New Testament, starting either with epistles or gospels, and start recording on a notepad or on your computer each propositional directive. Try organizing them by category. It is an excellent exercise for building the spiritual life and getting the big picture of what is required of Jesus' disciples. No one could accuse us of being anti-law. I think that you will find the Law of Messiah is far more morally stringent and challenging than is the Law of Moses.