Q: Thank you firstly for the teaching on the Eight Covenants. One question, why is it that you refer to the Israel Land Covenant as the Palestinian Covenant? I have read your explanations in your other works and understand the logic, but it is the Israel Land Covenant and I believe this is what we should call it. There was no such place as Palestine at the time this covenant was made. Personally as a Jewish Believer I find it offensive when I hear it referred to in this way.

I think that in these days of more and more Jews coming to know Messiah, and with the conflict in Israel ever raging, it is vital that we change it back to what it should be.

A: In my writings I have “converted” all references to the Palestinian Covenant as the Land Covenant, but it is still found in the old form in some of the older writings.

This is a history lesson: the term “Palestine” was a common term used even by Jewish people, and it is only recent situations in the Middle East that have created a need to adjust the terminology. For example, even the Babylonian Talmud refers to the Land as “Palestine” many times, as you can see for example, in the Soncino Talmud.

In fact, before statehood, the Jews of Israel referred to themselves as “Palestinians”. The Jerusalem Post, which was always a Jewish paper, until 1948 was called “The Palestine Post”. Even David Ben Gurion in his declaration of independence, uses the term “Palestine” six times in a positive sense. So originally it was a commonly used term even in Jewish circles for themselves and it is only the events of the Middle East since 1948, and actually mostly since 1967, that we had to make the adjustments. So I am doing the same in our literature.

Incidentally, when I went to Hebrew University in 1966, I majored in an area that was called “Palestinology”. All of my professors were Jewish and Israelis and Hebrew University is obviously a very Jewish school and yet that term was still used back then and it was only after 1967 that they began dropping that term because of Arab usage of it for themselves.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Ariel Ministries uses the term “Land Covenant” exclusively in all newer writings and upgraded distribution formats. Some of the original Messianic Bible Study radio broadcast audio segments recorded back in the late 1970's will still reflect the outdated terminology (we hope to re-record these segments as time and resources allow). However, it is important for bible students to recognize that the “Palestinian” designation prevails in scholarly reference works and study research must be conducted with this in mind.