Q: Would you explain the reason that Jews are regarded as enemies of the gospel for our sakes, but beloved for the fathers' sake (Romans 11:28) regarding election?

A: The Jewish people have become “enemies of the gospel” for the Gentiles' sake (benefit), because Israel's opposition to the Messiahship of Yeshua is what caused the gospel to go out to the Gentiles originally. For the sake of Gentile salvation, the Jews have become the enemies of the gospel. Had the Jews accepted the gospel and the Messiahship of Jesus, then it would not have been necessary for God to create the new entity called the Church. But the Jews are “beloved for the fathers' sake,” meaning that they have never lost their covenantal standing, and, therefore, the Abrahamic Covenant made to the “fathers” (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) still stands. For that reason, in the future, there will be a national salvation of Israel.