Q: How did the different races come about? At the Tower of Babel, or another time? Have Jewish people always been fair-skinned, or were they once darker-skinned?

A: The different races came about through natural adaptation from the three sons of Noah. All humanity, whatever their racial or ethnic identity, are descendants of Noah through his three sons. Different racial skin tones did not, themselves, originate at the Tower of Babel, though the Tower of Babel was the prelude to it. It was the event at the Tower of Babel that caused humanity to be scattered around the world; and as they went to different parts of the world, environmental adaptation and the passing on of acquired genetic characteristics effected different racial skin tones. The Jewish people in the Mediterranean area would have had the typical skin tone of people in the Middle East to this day, which is basically olive-skinned. It would not be as fair-skinned as Northern Europeans, nor would it be as dark as Africans. Many Jewish people became lighter-skinned as they moved into northern parts of the globe and this, again, was a result of adaptation to the environment.