Q: What is the process of searching for a good church home?

A: Ideally, I would seek to find the following: first, the church should hold to the inerrancy of Scripture; second, what is the church's view on Israel and the kingdom? The church should recognize the distinction between Israel and the Church, i.e., that God's promises to Israel have not been “transferred” to the Church and will be fulfilled literally; third, I would want to make certain that the messages from the leadership contain expository teaching of the Scriptures — through book or topical studies — and that the Word of God is not used merely as a jumping-off point to say what they want to say, i.e., personal agendas not based upon the meaning of the Scriptures. If, however, you cannot find a church that understands God's role for Israel but does meet the other criteria, you should consider joining this one as total abstention is not the biblical ideal either.