Q: I recently finished listening to your teachings on the Eight Covenants. I didn't hear anything about the Aaronic Priesthood that in Exodus 29:8-10 says is forever. Can you please explain where this fits into the covenants? Do you think the Aaronic Priesthood will be re-established in the millennial kingdom?

A: A very important point to remember that is often overlooked or misunderstood is that the Hebrew word olam (which is often translated perpetual) does not mean eternal and unending. Olam has the idea of being perpetual throughout a particular age and with an expectation that when the age ends, the event also ends. For example, the slave who pierces his ear with an awl is a slave “olam”, in perpetuity, but obviously he does not continue to be a slave following the duration of his life span. The Aaronic priesthood, likewise, is established in perpetuity throughout the duration of its life span.

The book of Hebrews could not be clearer in explaining that the entirety of the Mosaic Covenant, including and especially the Aaronic priesthood has been brought to a close with the inauguration of the new and superior New Covenant, which was designed to replace it. With the establishment of the Melchizedekian priesthood, the Aaronic priesthood becomes redundant, unnecessary and is shown to be archaic.