Q: A recently published book is promoting the story (more like a fairy tale) that Jesus in the hidden years went to India and Tibet, that there is a statue of Him in India, not to mention, His tomb! Can you help me speak against this?

A: The New Age theory that Yeshua spent years in India simply has no truth to it. Generally, such theorists themselves are responsible for the burden of proof. The New Testament does not mention any such event, and, furthermore, none of the early writings of the Church fathers mention it either. Not even the spurious life of Christ accounts from various heretical groups of the first several centuries mention any such thing. In other words, this is a 20th century theory. When people make such a claim, they need to produce the historical documentation for such a claim. Of course, in this case, one does not exist.

Therefore, it is not something we need to disprove. The Bible does not need to say that Jesus never went to India. The Bible does not say that He did not go to the United States; still, it is obvious that He never did, and the mere thought was not even an issue until relatively recently when the Mormons introduced the notion that Messiah came to the Americas after His resurrection. With everything we have and know historically of Yeshua, He never travelled outside the immediate area of the Land of Israel and its surrounding territories of Lebanon, Egypt and Transjordan. When people claim otherwise, ask them one simple question: Where is the historical documentation? While there is a book out today (The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus) pushing this false theory, it is a 20th century document, not an ancient one, and as such has no more validity than does the Book of Mormon.