Q: Is it wrong to dance? I believe man has abused what we call dancing, with all the “suggestive movements.” Some say it's wrong because of the places it takes you (to clubs and bars, etc).

A: Dancing would fall into the same category as music, songs, etc.: by itself, it is neither right or wrong since it is an amoral issue. As you noted, much of our modern dancing is sexually oriented and very suggestive, and it would certainly be wrong for any Christian to do that type of dancing. Even dancing when men and women put their bodies together would be wrong, except in the case of a husband and wife. However, there is also folk dancing where, even when it is mixed dancing, the only touching that takes place is the touching of hands, and that would be no different than when mixed groups touch hands during a prayer circle. In the Messianic Jewish context, there is frequently worship dance, and that kind of dancing is something that glorifies God rather than glorifies man. Again, as with music and songs, dancing itself is neutral, and the question has to be asked: What is the message of the dance? The answer to this question determines a believer's participation.