Q: Can you please tell me if you think the Two-House theology has any scriptural foundation?

A: The whole Ephraim heresy is simply a reworking of the old British Israelite theory with a different twist, but it is just as wrong and just as unhistorical as it can be. It presupposes that there are ten lost tribes of Israel but these were never lost and the doctrine makes many other presuppositions and faulty exegesis that are simply not true. It is simply a movement of a group of Jewish wannabes but has no historical validity and even worse, it has no exegetical validity of any biblical text. It is one of those new movements that seem to have become prominent among different groups who want to claim Jewish origins or Israelite origins. It is a recently discovered “truth” that nobody else knew for 2,000 years. Getting involved with that will take you away from the Bible and not to it, so you can safely ignore that whole cultic element.