Asa, son of Abijam

Scripture records that Asa's heart was perfect before the LORD all his days (1Ki 15:14), even though he did not destroy all the high places from Judah. Asa began his reign by deposing Ma`akhah, his wicked and influential (grand-)mother. He cut down the Asherah idol she had erected in a grove, and had it burnt in the valley of Kidron. He banished the sodomites from the land and destroyed the idols made by his father.

In the early days of his reign, he gathered into the Temple the dedicated things of his father, along with things he himself dedicated: silver, gold, and vessels. Asa waged non-stop war against Baasha, the evil king of Israel.

Asa did fail to trust in the Lord on two occasions: First, he entered into league with Syrian king Benhadad to push back Baasha who had fortified the city of Ramah against Judah instead of relying on God to deliver him as in previous battles. Secondly, Asa's feet had become diseased in his old age and he sought the help of physicians instead of seeking the Lord for his healing. Nevertheless, Asa was a good king and greatly honored by the people upon his death (2Ch 16:14).