Pekahiah, son of Menahem

“In the fiftieth year of Azariah king of Judah, Pekahiah the son of Menahem became king over Israel in Samaria, and reigned two years. And he did evil in the sight of the LORD; he did not depart from the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, who had made Israel sin. Then Pekah the son of Remaliah, an officer of his, conspired against him and killed him in Samaria, in the citadel of the king's house, along with Argob and Arieh; and with him were fifty men of Gilead. He killed him and reigned in his place.” (2Ki 15:23-25)

Pekahiah's assassination in the second year of his reign suggests that he continued in his father's policy of submission to Assyria. Pekah was one of Pekahiah's army officers, and was politically anti-Assyrian (2Ki 16:5-7). He was likely the military commander in charge of Gilead, since 50 Gileadites joined him in the revolt. Also slain were Argob and Arieh, who were either Pekahiah's sons or loyal military officers. They killed all three of these men while they were in the keep (Hebrew: ar-mon') of the royal palace at Samaria.