SEPTEMBER - OCTOBER 2017 Prayer Guide

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Ladies Conference presented by Ariel Ministries Canada

Click here for detals! October 7-8, 2016

Per-Trib Conference25th Anniversary - Pre-Trib Study Group, December 5-7,2016 Twenty-five years ago this group had its first meeting with 35 prophecy scholars present. It was patterned after the Albury Park and Powerscourt Conference in Britain during the 1820-30’s where leaders gathered to discuss issues relating to Bible prophecy." Click the image to read more, and download the registration form here.

September - October 2016 Prayer Guide

WE INVITE YOU to read our September/October Prayer Guide, here.

July - August 2016 Prayer Guide

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May - June 2016 Prayer Guide

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March - April 2016 Prayer Guide

PRAISE REPORT from Jacques and Sharon Gabizon, Ariel Canada: “For the Knock and Talk outreach program which has seen hundreds of bibles being offered to and received by Jewish people. Here is a great outworking of the Romans 11 principle of jealousy. Being divinely jealous (in Scripture) is attune to being zealous (and they are almost spelled the same way!), and for whom God is jealous, He zealously protects. Likewise this group goes out with a fervent desire to speak into the hearts of Jews who do not understand what a treasure they have overlooked and protect the purity of the Word by explaining who the Messiah really is and discrediting what tradition has instead construed.” More, read the entire March - April 2016 Prayer Guide!

Prayer Guide - Read Now!PRAISE REPORT from Gefen International: “For a new breakthrough in South America that has enabled us to further grow the outreach there in a very relevant region. For the hundreds of Israelis who have been using our network all over the world in each of the recent months and for their positive feedback regarding the love they have experienced from believers. For new hosts joining in response to some recent presentations of the outreach.”

PRAISE REPORT from Sasha and Lyana G., Ariel Israel: “The work on the translation of the Come and See material into Hebrew and Russian is going on. Two more lessons in Russian and one in Hebrew was downloaded to Ariel Ministries’ Israel website.”

PRAISE REPORT from Ariel China: “We now have a smart phone app that allows us to introduce Ariel Ministries, including our teaching, books, and other materials. This app connects to Ariel’s website too. We can publish short articles on it and impact our Chinese brothers and sisters all over the world through friends’ links. We are blessed by this app.”

PRAYER REQUEST from Roberto Anchondo, Ariel New Mexico: “We had the opportunity to visit Juarez, Mexico for one full week while the Pope was in town. We arrived with 283,000 tracks and were very blessed to share the good news of Yeshua and God’s plans for Israel with people from all over the world. We were also blessed by the involvement of area churches in helping us share the good news. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us and prayed for this event. It was a huge blessing.”

PRAYER REQUEST from Chris Eisbrenner, Ariel's Academic Dean: “Praise the Lord for opening the doors to speak in four churches during Passover week. Three of the messages will be on Messiah in the Passover.”

More, we invite you to read the entire March - April 2016 Prayer Guide and pray about the many specific needs! Thank You.

Thoughts on the Refugee Crisis - January, 2016

Dear Friends,

A common question believers have been asking lately concerns the thousands upon thousands of Syrian refugees who are flooding Western European countries and also trying to immigrate to the USA. Should we let them in?

Dr. Arnold FruchtenbaumI write as a former refugee. My parents immigrated to the United States when I was eight years old. When we arrived in this country, we were almost penniless, having only a few dollars given to us by HIAS, an American Jewish aid society which assisted Jews fleeing persecution in Europe to get jobs and become acculturated to American society.

But this did not come easily. We spent five years in various Displaced Person camps in the American zone of West Germany undergoing interview after interview, medical test after medical test, before we finally received our immigration papers to enter the United States. The main concern was preventing communists from entering the USA, and none of us were.

Refugees ArrivingI wrote all of the above as a prelude to show I am not opposed to immigration to America, and I can sympathize with all people who were forced to become refugees due to war(s) in their country. This would include Syrian refugees.

Is any of what is happening relevant to Bible prophecy? No, it is not, and the Bible does not speak of a vast migration of Syrians escaping the wars in their country.

Should they then be brought in masses to the United States? Yes and no. Here are some points that need to be considered...

More, we invite you to read the entire article by Dr. Fruchtenbaum.

Annual Year End Letter - November, 2015

Dear Arielnik,

This is the one time each year that I write to our Ariel family to update how things are developing on our school property and what God is doing through our ministry. And we have good things to report.

Dr. Arnold FruchtenbaumThe 41st summer program went really well with all six weeks either full or almost full. There were 11 different countries represented, and to our surprise, nine people came from China, one of whom got baptized in our lake. A Hungarian couple completed their five year program. We had six persons come from Israel, and so we were able to speak Hebrew with each other. It was a great summer of learning, fellowshipping, and lots of Jewish give and take fun.

Arielniks UnitedThen came September, and we started our first year at the Ariel School of Messianic Jewish Studies. As I write this, we are nearing the end of the fall term. While the school year is divided into trimesters, each term is further divided into two-week courses. This allows students to sign up for the full academic year, for one or two trimesters, or for any two-week modular if they are looking to complete specific courses only. So far, things are encouraging, and the students are very serious. It is a joy to teach them.

More, we invite you to read Dr. Fruchtenbaum’s Annual Year End Letter.

Ariel India July 2015 Newsletter

Himmatnagar RetreatPraise the Lord, our Savoir and Messiah, Yeshua. It is a great pleasure to put before you the first issue of the Newsletter of the Ariel Ministries India for the year 2015.

A few newsletter highlights: “...There are some positive developments which have happened over the last few months. The secretary of the Church of North India (CNI), Gujarat Diocese has taken keen interest to translate Dr. Arnold’s Footsteps of the Messiah in Gujarati.

The translation work is in its advanced stage and going on quite well. We seek your prayer support for the same. The CNI happens to be one of the largest groups of Churches in Gujarat.

Another group of Churches of Gujarat, the Alliance Church has also shown keen interest in teaching Ariel’s theological concepts in their Churches. Teachings on the Eight Covenants of the Bible, has been taken up by Bakul Christian.

A two days retreat on eschatology, entitled Israel and the Church in God’s End Times Plan was conducted at Himmatnagar during April 2015. The retreat was attended by 37 delegates from CNI Church...”

More, we invite you to read the entire Ariel India July 2015 Newsletter (PDF).

John Metzger Interview on Ministry Focus

Missionary John Metzger was recently interviewed on the Ministry Focus radio show. We invite you to listen now to the SoundCloud replay and be blessed as John answers questions and shares the Jewish Perspective of the Scriptures!

John Metzger Interview on Ministry Focus

Millions Watch Testimony of Jewish Believer in Yeshua

As reported in Israel Today, June 07, 1015: An online evangelism effort by local Israeli Messianic Jews has become something of an Internet sensation over the past month after the video testimony of an Jewish man who came to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) went viral.

Israel Today, watch Mottel's videoMottel Baleston’s was just one of the latest in a series of video testimonies titled “I Met Messiah” produced by the Israeli Messianic group One For Israel in cooperation with Chosen People Ministries.

But Baleston’s testimony apparently touched a nerve, and by the first week of June well over five million people had viewed the brief video explanation of how he had many years earlier come to faith as a young man in Brooklyn.

More, we invite you to read the Israel Today article and watch the video.

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