November, 2015

Dear Arielnik,

This is the one time each year that I write to our Ariel family to update how things are developing on our school property and what God is doing through our ministry. And we have good things to report.

Dr. Arnold FruchtenbaumThe 41st summer program went really well with all six weeks either full or almost full. There were 11 different countries represented, and to our surprise, nine people came from China, one of whom got baptized in our lake. A Hungarian couple completed their five year program. We had six persons come from Israel, and so we were able to speak Hebrew with each other. It was a great summer of learning, fellowshipping, and lots of Jewish give and take fun.

Then came September, and we started our first year at the Ariel School of Messianic Jewish Studies. As I write this, we are nearing the end of the fall term. While the school year is divided into trimesters, each term is further divided into two-week courses. This allows students to sign up for the full academic year, for one or two trimesters, or for any two-week modular if they are looking to complete specific courses only. So far, things are encouraging, and the students are very serious. It is a joy to teach them.

Two of the four dormitories were completed before the summer program began, enabling us to tear the old ones down. Those who were returnees to the summer program expressed their great appreciation for the new accommodations. During the first trimester, work has begun on the third dormitory and the new school/camp office building. The shells of both buildings are almost complete which will enable the staff to work on the interior of both buildings during the winter trimester. Lord willing, both buildings will be completed by the end of the spring trimester. What is there left to complete? I am glad you asked! Gary, our campus supervisor, has given me the following estimates:

1. The completion of the third dormitory $90,000.00
2. The completion of the office complex $105,000.00
3. The building of the fourth dormitory $185,000.00
4. The winterizing of the CS building and remodeling into four apartment units for the housing of the camp and school faculty $180,000.00
5. The lake front pavilion $35,000.00
This brings the total to $595,000.00


Arielniks UnitedThe Lord has provided us with $120,000.00. Furthermore, we recently received notice of an Ariel supporter having been promoted to Heaven. In his will, he dedicated $200,000.00 for the camp/school construction, and the lawyer informed us the funds should arrive in about sixty days. That leaves $275,000.00 which are still needed to complete all of the above projects.

There is still a house that needs to be built for the camp/school director. But that will be the last project, and once all the above buildings are completed, we can determine the cost of that project. In the meantime, I am living in one of the dormitories which has its limitations, but it is God’s will for us now, and we are content.

How can you help? There are four things we ask you to consider.

First, please pray for us and for these projects. The end-goal is not the buildings themselves, but what they can be used for in discipling Jewish and Gentile believers in preparation for a world-wide ministry.

Second, pray about donating to any of the above projects so that we can complete them by the end of 2016 since that is when out building permits will expire. The buildings do not need to be finished by then, but each item must be in the process of being built by that point of time.

Third, pray about donating for the camp and/or school program itself since the costs are higher than what the tuition covers.

Fourth, pray about donating to the camp and/or school scholarship fund which enables people in ministry to attend the Bible teaching programs from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Please accept our most grateful thanks for your prayers and for your support.

In the Messiah,

Arnold's Signature

Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
President and Founder